Resin Ghost Chair

Resin Ghost Chair

The resin ghost chair contains two different types, Victoria series and Louis series. Our product is manufactured by injecting polycarbonate into a single mould, and the Baroque style appearance makes it very special. Meanwhile, the polycarbonate is imported from Japan or Korea, and our product has some excellent properties, such as high tenacity, high elasticity, long service life, ageing resistance as well as good flame retardant ability. This chair is very firm with load capacity of more than 500kg, and customer can choose the perfect one depending on the practical application.

Technical Parameters
Model Victoria R-GH-V01.02...Series Louis R-GH-L01.02...Series
Chair Height 35.04 in. 89 cm 36.42 in. 92.50 cm
Chair Depth 19.69 in. 50 cm 22.44 in. 57 cm
Chair Width 15.94 in. 40.50 cm 21.06 in. 53.50 cm
Seat Height 17.72 in. 45 cm 18.90 in. 48 cm
Seat Depth 15.75 in. 40 cm 22.44 in. 57 cm
Seat Width 14.57 in. 37 cm 16.93 in. 43 cm
Front Leg Size 4.00 to 2.70 4.60 to 3.00
Back Leg Size 4.00 to 2.70 4.00 to 2.70
Net Weight 3.70 kg 5.10 kg
Gross Weight 4.30 kg 5.50 kg
Available Color Transparent, solid white, black

Container Loading Quantity
1. For Vitoria series
20GP/440pcs, 4pcs/carton, carton size: 105×67×41cm
40FT/918pcs, 4pcs/carton, carton size: 105×67×41cm
40HC/1078pcs, 4pcs/carton, carton size: 105×67×41cm
2. For Louis series
20G /312pcs, 6pcs/carton, carton size: 112×85×55cm
40FT/606pcs, 6pcs/carton, carton size: 112×85×55cm
40HC/712pcs, 6pcs/carton, carton size: 112×85×55cm

Our company is an experienced resin ghost chair manufacturer in China. Our products include resin open back napoleon chair, USA style wood chiavari chair, wood chiavari bar stool, wood folding armless chair, and much more.

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