Resin Chair

Different types of resin chairs are supplied, such as chiavari type, folding type, ghost type, crown back type, open back napoleon type and others. They have beautiful appearances, and can be made into transparent shapes except the folding type. The knock down structure facilitates the transportation as well as storage, and it is available for chiavari type, crown back type and open back napoleon type. If there is damaged component, the replacement is quite convenient. In addition, our product has various colors, and custom made product is also provided to meet specific requirement.

The resin chair is made from 100% high quality polycarbonate, and our product possesses excellent transparency, formability, tenacity, hardness and dimensional stability. It is more stable and reliable than similar product made of wood, ABS, PP or PMMA. It is also resistant to ultraviolet, and fading is avoided while good water proof property is guaranteed. Meanwhile, no painting or sanding is required, and there is no special odor during use. Also, maintenance is almost unnecessary. Our chair features exquisite structure, convenient assembly, diverse colors, reasonable price as well as long service life, and it is also environment friendly. These advantages make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it is applicable for banquet hall, dining room and leasing industry.

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