Hard Seat Pad

Soft seat cushion usually uses charpie, while hard seat pad is made of leather and charpie. These materials possess good elasticity, excellent heat preservation as well as air permeability, and they are resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Our product contains two types, Velcro connection type and tie-on type. The Velcro connection type sticks to the chair firmly, and it won't move during use. On the other hand, the tie-on type has a longer service life when compared with the previous one. Our hard seat pad is environment friendly, and it has some great properties, such as light, soft, comfortable, moisture proof, heat insulated and others. Based on these, our product is especially suitable for winter, and customer can select the perfect one according to the practical application.

As a specialized hard seat pad manufacturer and supplier in China, HAIDONG offers a vast range of products, including chateau wood folding chair, plywood cocktail table, folding resin chair, kids wood chiavari chair, and more.

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