American Style Wood Chateau High Back Chair

American Style Wood Chateau High Back Chair

American style wood chateau high back chair has two side supporting rods, and the frame is made of locust wood. This material features clear texture, high tenacity and hardness, beautiful appearance as well as long service life. Sufficient locust wood is used to make this product, and the diameters of key parts are 3cm. The seat uses our patented design, and crack and paint removal caused by plywood are prevented completely which makes our product more durable. Due to the application of mechanized grinding, polishing and spraying, the adhesive force of paint film is enhanced to a large extent, and this product can stand collisions. Meanwhile, the static load capacity is over 400kg, and our product is suitable for people with big weight. In addition, environment friendly paint is applied, and it is strictly tested before use, also irregular inspections are carried out. Thus, harmful gas won't be generated. This chair passes strength, durability and safety tests of EN 12520-2010 standard, and the quality is ensured.

Technical Parameters
Model W-CT-U series
Chair Height 36.20 in. 92 cm
Chair Depth 18.90 in. 48 cm
Seat Height 17.30 in. 44 cm
Seat Width 15.35 in. 39 cm
Net Weight 4.50 kg
Gross Weight 5.00 kg
Available Color Gold, silver, black, white, mahogany, natural, brown, fruitwood, bronze, walnut

Container Loading Quantity
With or without cushion
20GP/432pcs, 9pcs/carton, carton size: 41×62×233cm
40FT/900pcs, 9pcs/carton, carton size: 41×62×233cm
40HC/1000pcs, 10pcs/carton, carton size: 41×62×263cm

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