European Style Wood Chateau Open Back Chair

European Style Wood Chateau Open Back Chair

European style wood chateau open back chair has only one side supporting rod, and it is different from the American style which has 2 rods. The raw material is locust wood which features high tenacity and hardness, good processability, excellent stability, resistance to insect, ageing and corrosion. Advanced production techniques are applied, and mechanized drying is combined with natural airing to dry the paint film completely. Thus, the film is firm and can bear high or low temperature. Our production process differs from conventional high frequency electric curve bending process, and the wood fiber is well protected. Meanwhile, the elasticity can be kept for a long time which means that the workpiece can maintain its shape. The seat and back legs are supported by the V-shape metal cocked hat which can make the seat firm and durable. Advanced production technique for tenon structure is also used, and it can ensure the stability. In addition, our chair passes strength, durability and safety tests of EN 12520-2010 standard, so customer can purchase our product without misgiving.

Technical Parameters
Model W-CT-K Series
Chair Height 34.65 in. 88 cm
Chair Depth 17.32 in. 44 cm
Seat Height 16.93 in. 43 cm
Seat Width 15.35 in. 39 cm
Net Weight 4.00 kg
Gross Weight 4.50 kg
Available Color Gold, silver, black, white, mahogany, natural, brown, fruitwood, bronze, walnut

Container Loading Quantity
With or without cushion
20GP/432pcs, 9pcs/carton, carton size: 41×62×233cm
40FT/900pcs, 9pcs/carton, carton size: 41×62×233cm
40HC/1000pcs, 10pcs/carton, carton size: 41×62×263cm

HAIDONG is a China-based European style wood chateau open back chair manufacturer and supplier. We offer a broad range of products, including wood folding chiavari chair, resin chiavari chair, rectangle plywood folding table, seat cushion with Velcro ties, and more.

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