Wood Folding Chair

Folding chair is foldable, and it allows easy use as well as convenient carry. Also, it can save a lot of room. Now, we can supply different types of wood folding chair. Our product is made of grade A birch or beech, and these materials feature clear and uniform texture, good shock resistance as well as outstanding load capacity. Also, they are environment friendly and recyclable. As we know, triangle is very stable, and this product is designed according to this principle. As a result, shake and deformation won't occur during use. Meanwhile, the surface treatment is used to improve the adhesive force of paint, and usual collision won't lead to scratch or removal of paint. This chair has firm structure, and fading phenomenon caused by ultraviolet or rain is avoided. What is more, the PU cushion can make people more comfortable. Based on these advantages, our product is suitable for hotel, beach, balcony, swimming pool, outdoor garden and other outdoor places.

We are a professional wood folding chair manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide wood bar stool, wood napoleon chair, plywood folding table, wood chiavari chair, and much more.

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