Wood Bar Stool

Bar stool is a chair used for bar counter, and its shape is similar to common chair, but the seat is very high. Now, we can provide different models of wood bar stool. Our product is made of locust wood, and it can stand quite big static load. Also, it is insect and corrosion proof. Wood bending process is applied to the backrest to form fluent line, and user can relax his vertebra when leaning on the backrest. There are two side supporting rods under the seat, so our product is very firm and durable. In addition, proper ambient temperature and humidity are required if this chair is used, and user should not put beverages, chemicals or hot objects on its surface in case the natural gloss of wood is damaged.

Due to the high quality, firm adhesion of paint, and good resistance to corrosion, this wood bar stool is widely used in many places, such as star hotel, coffee shop, western restaurant, tea restaurant, hot pot restaurant and others.

As a specialized wood bar stool manufacturer and supplier in China, HAIDONG provides a vast array of products, including wood folding chair, resin chair, wood chateau chair, and soft seat cushion, among others.

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