Wood Royal Queen Crown Chair

Wood Royal Queen Crown Chair

Wood royal queen crown chair is usually used with our wood royal king crown chair, and they are for bride and groom, respectively. These two products fit the banquet atmosphere perfectly, and ideal effect is realized. This product is suitable for bride in a wedding, and the beauty of bride will be focused. High quality locust wood is used, and environment friendly paint is applied. The production techniques are advanced, and our product is firm, stable and long lasting. Also, deformation and paint peeling problems are avoided. In addition, this chair has different models and colors, and customer can choose the preferred one according to the specific condition.

Technical Parameters
Model W-RY-Q Series
Chair Height 43.31 in. 110 cm
Chair Depth 17.32 in. 44 cm
Seat Height 18.11 in. 46 cm
Seat Width 16.14 in. 41 cm
Net Weight 6.00 kg
Gross Weight 7.00 kg
Available Color Gold, silver, black, white, etc.
Frame Material Robinia pseudoacacia (Chinese locust tree)

Container Loading Quantity
20GP/288 Pieces, 6pcs/carton, carton size: 41×61×234cm
40FT/600 Pieces, 6pcs/carton, carton size: 41×61×234cm
40HC/600 Pieces, 6pcs/carton, carton size: 41×61×234cm

HAIDONG is a specialized wood royal queen crown chair manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides wood folding armless chair, round plywood folding table, wood chateau bar stool, furniture storage cover, and more.

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