Wood Royal Chair

Wood royal chair is mainly made of locust wood which features good gloss, clear texture, straight shape, and outstanding stability. Mechanized grinding, polishing and other surface treatments are applied to improve the adhesion of paint film effectively. As a result, our product has good impact resistance, and collision won't lead to scratch on the surface. High quality environment friendly paint is used to achieve excellent decorative effect, and it won't generate harmful compound. Also, this paint is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and can prevent fading as well as discoloration. Our wood royal chair is scientifically designed and strictly processed, and it is waterproof with long service life. In addition, the king type and queen type can be used as a set, which makes it suitable for wedding and other places.

As a China-based wood royal chair manufacturer and supplier, HAIDONG offers a broad range of products that includes wood bar stool, plywood folding table, resin chair, wood chateau chair, and more.

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