Plywood Folding Table

Folding table allows easy fold as well as convenient transportation, and it is widely used in temporary reception places including banquet, meeting, exhibition and others. Our plywood folding table has a steel wood structure, and the table leg is made of high quality steel pipe. The steel pipe has excellent impact resistance as well as high load capacity, and its surface is processed with commercial grade spraying. Thus, good surface smoothness, strong adhesion, and high mechanical strength are obtained, and oxide etch of steel pipe is also avoided. On the other hand, hardwood plywood is used to make the table top. The varnish has strong adhesive force, and good surface quality is realized. The edge uses PVC which possesses good chemical stability and heat stability. This folding table takes up little space because it can be folded after use. Based on the features above, our product is suitable for garden, villa, roof, study, living room, outdoor event, product promotion, etc.

Our company is a professional plywood folding table manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide wood chateau chair, wood folding chair, wood chiavari chair, hard seat pad, and much more.

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