How to Order?
1. Client should contact with us first, and tells our sales staff the specific requirements, such as model, color, quantity, etc.
2. According to these requirements, our sales staff will make a proforma invoice as the contract.
3. Based on the contract, client needs to remit the deposit, and then send us the bank slip to help us confirm the order as soon as possible.
4. When we receive the deposit, order is confirmed, and production is arranged. Client can check the production status on our website at any time according to the order number on PI.
5. Detailed information of consignee should be confirmed by the client, such as name, address, telephone, fax, country, destination port and others. We will prepare in advance according to the information above, and then apply for commodity inspection to the commodity inspection bureau.
6. 3-5 days before the products are completed, we will inform the client to book cargo space. Or, we can book cargo space in China for our client with his permission.
7. After the goods are prepared, we will arrange shipment, customs clearance and other affairs according to the confirmed information.
8. After the goods are shipped, shipping company gives us the bill of lading.
9. We can send a copy of the bill of lading to our client, and our client can contact the shipping company to confirm the true condition of goods based on the bill of lading.
10. After the goods are confirmed via bill of lading, client should pay the balance as soon as possible.
11. When we receive the balance, relevant documents including bill of lading, invoice, packing list and others will be ready in 5 working days. Then, we will send these documents by DHL or TNT, and the express tracking number is also provided.
12. Before the ship arrives at the destination port, shipping company will inform the consignee to prepare for picking up goods, handling customs clearance and others.
13. When the ship arrives, consignee can pick up goods and finish customs clearance depending on the bill of lading, packing list, invoice and other documents.
14. Before the container is opened, please make sure that the carton number and seal number are in accordance with the bill of lading.
15. After the container is opened, please check the cargo packing and quantity of goods. If there are any damaged or lost goods, please tell our sales staff in 10 working days. We will verify the condition, and proper compensation will be provided in the next order if this event is confirmed.

Why Choose Haidong For Wood Chiavari Chair?
1. Long history of production. Chiavari chair has a history of several decades in Europe and America, and it is mainly produced in Northern Europe. The raw material is beech wood, and this wood is dismountable and non-overlapping. Haidong is the first factory to manufacture chiavari chair in China, and also the first to use robinia pseudoacacia as the raw material.
According to the U.S. customers' habit and feedback, Haidong eventually developed USA style chiavari chair out of original UK style through a series of researches and improvements. This product shows the wisdom and hard working spirit of Haidong staff.
2. Advanced production equipment. Due to the unique style, there is no suitable machine in the market to produce wood chiavari chair currently. From the original handmade mode, Haidong has been keeping on studying woodworking machinery to produce chiavari chair. Our machines are designed and produced by us independently, and they can greatly improve product quality and production capacity.
3. Advanced technology. Haidong has perfect quality standards as well as comprehensive quality control procedures. Based on the process control, Haidong implement strict selection and inspection for all the procedures, from raw material to end product shipment.

Haidong Chiavari Chairs are Distinguished by Special Design
Our design is the most attractive, and the seat board has our own style. How to guarantee the coat of paint can't be scaled off under scratch? Expansion and contraction will occur for plywood no matter how good it is. So, abandon plywood and trust the unique design of Haidong. The unique design of seat endows chair with excellent solid and durable stability, and the outward appearance is exquisite. Whichever you choose, make sure it is a good one. So, believe the specialized manufacturer.

Why Paint of Our Chair Will Not Fall Off like Scales?
One of the important reasons is that some factories don't have enough places and facilities to dry the paint completely. Their products are put in a closed container to withstand high temperature, and the different physical properties of wood and paint lead to peeling.

However, Haidong established mechanical drying and natural airing workshops to dry the paint completely. The mechanical drying workshop ensures the totally drying of paint, and natural airing workshop helps to ensure the bright paint surface

As a Professional Manufacturer, What Studies Have Been Done on Environment Friendly Chair?
We use environment friendly paints and materials, and promote the application of environment friendly technologies.

To provide customers with environment friendly product is our primary responsibility. Meanwhile, we spend a lot of money and time in studying new production techniques and designs, especially for connecting parts and seat board, to minimize the usage of glue, and this is very important to environment friendly products. Many factories have a wrong idea that the chair will be firmer if more glue is used. However, we adopt a new connecting technology which greatly improves the service efficiency of glue, and stability of chair is also maintained.

Most of the seat plates are made of plywood on the market. Multi-layers reduce production cost, but plywood needs a lot of glue inside which there are formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances. Our newly designed seat board abandons the plywood structure, and solid wood materials are more properly used. So our product is more environment friendly.

What are the Advantages of Buying from Haidong and Why Our Chairs Cost More?
We spend a lot of time and money improving the quality of our chiavari chairs, and we never try to get high profit at the cost of quality.

1. High quality wood, high grade raw materials, excellent production management, and strict quality control process are all added to the overall chair cost.
2. Ingenious and complex design. We have more process flows than other manufacturers. State-of-the-art safety features, distinctive design of wood structure with mortise and tenon connection are applied.
3. Haidong produces thousands of chairs which are intended for the USA and international market every month. All the products are in accordance with specific standards for the chair structure and polishing.
4. Whole container purchase is a large investment, and there are certain aspects of the production that are important for our customers, such as tight joints, sturdy structure, clear rings, perfect polishing, quality of the cushion, sufficient packaging material, etc.
5. When the container is opened, you will be pleased with the value and quality.
6. Most importantly, you won't buy poor quality chairs or chairs made of bad materials with high price, or even damaged chairs because of insufficient packaging material.
7. Purchasing chairs from a poorly managed factory is very expensive and very risky. After clients got poor quality chairs, they will first pay attention to the quality rather than the cheaper price.
8. We are looking forward to satisfying our customers and receiving repeated orders.

How Much Space will Our Chiavari Chair Take Up?
Each stack of 7 chairs has a footprint of 16"×24"or 2.66 square feet. So, for an inventory of 100 chairs, you will need 15 stacks which will take up about 40 square feet.

Stack of 7 chairs
W=16", L=24", H=79"

Stack of 8 chairs
W=16", L=26", H=87"

Stack of 9 chairs
W=17", L=26", H=93"

Stack of 10 chairs
W=17", L=26", H=100"

When planning storage space for your rental chairs, make sure to allow enough room for working / rental preparation area. Stack more chairs to increase stock quantity, please pay more attention to safety when you move them.

How High Can These Chairs Stack?
It is typical to stack 9-10 chairs high without any question. However, you must realize that the higher one stacks, the more likely the stack is to fall. So, good judgment must be made in consideration to the level of your floor. Stacking 7 high is a good option.

How to Successfully Preserve Your Chiavari Chairs?
1. Buy good quality chairs.
2. Cover your chairs in chair covers. This action will protect the chairs from dust in the warehouse and greatly reduce damage, wear as well as tear during shipment.
3. Use a cardboard divider between each row of chairs in your truck. Save our cardboard packing materials and use them as row dividers when shipping your chairs.
4. Check the chair structure and chair feet prior to each rental.
5. Do not place the chair in a wet or damp place for a long time unless proper ventilation is provided.
6. Gold and silver paint contains metal component, so please do not wipe them with wet cloth. If you do have to do this, please dry them after that as soon as possible.
7. Don't tow chair, otherwise the plastic foot pad may be damaged. Please carry the chair with both hands, if you can.

In this way, your chairs will be in excellent shape and your clients will be very happy. If you have other questions, please inform our sales personnel, and our technical staff will offer you professional advices.

What are Haidong Chiavari Chairs Made of?
Now Haidong can manufacture wood and resin chiavari chairs.

1. Wood chiavari chair
Our wood chiavari chair is made from acacia wood (robinia pseudoacacia, Chinese locust tree) which grows in Northern China. There, the seasonal climate is ideal for the growth of high quality and strong hardwood which has similar characteristics to European beech wood. But the texture, hardness, density and flexibility of acacia wood are greater than beech wood, which makes it suitable for rental industry. Acacia wood is more popular to customers for its distinctive trace.

2. Resin chiavari chair
The raw material for resin chiavari chair is polycarbonate, only abbreviated as PC. The PC is commonly known as bullet-proof plastic and it has the best toughness, hardness, elasticity and other physical properties. Thus, it is the perfect material to make resin chair. The material of this product is 100% new and exported from Japan or Korea. It is fully recyclable, and features ultra-strong physical properties, high elasticity and tenacity, and the flame retardance rating is BI/UL94 V-0. So, our resin chiavari chair is stronger and more durable than similar product with steel inner frame. Meanwhile, used, old, or material of inferior brand are not adulterated at all. The resin chair passes ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2002 which stands for American National Standard For Office Furnishings- General Purpose Office Chairs Tests.

What is the Difference between Assembled and KD?
KD is short for knockdown which means that the chair is shipped in unassembled status and needs to be assembled before use. The main advantage of KD is cost savings because of its small cubage. KD works best for resin chiavari chairs which are produced with exact measurements, so they are easier to be assembled than the wood ones.

When it comes to the wood chairs, they are assembled and tested at the factory first. In this way, you will receive strong furniture. The screws of KD screw joints may get loose quickly, but this problem is avoided for the wood chair.

In the course of assembling chair, many special technical designs are put into our chair. No one would buy a chair that falls to pieces quickly. These distinctive designs are helpful in improving the reliability and stability of our products. But these distinctive designs are suitable for KD chair.

KD saves the freight cost, but we have to take the labour cost into consideration when you hire workers to assemble chairs.

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